I had hurt my upper back working out and for close to six weeks I tried to tough it out until the pain would go away. It wouldn’t. Dr. Steve explained that a single adjustment could help alleviate the pain if not resolve the issue. After two adjustments my pain was completely gone. That’s been about three months and many workouts ago and I haven’t had so much as a twinge. Don’t try to be tough. Life is more enjoyable when you don’t hurt. Thank you Dr. Steve!
Mikel P

 In July 2007, I was involved in a near fatal automobile accident, suffering severe soft tissue and skeletal injuries.  The day after being discharged from the hospital I began my rehabilatative Chiropractic and Massage Therapy treatments with Dr. Edelson and massage therapists, Joe Arvilla and Bridget Smock.  The treatments were gentle and stayed within my pain tolerance.  At first the visits for treatment were quite frequent and as I regained strength and mobility they were reduced in frequency.  I received suggestions for nutritional support that also promoted rapid healing.  I am a firm believer in using Chiropractic and Massage Therapy as my primary wellness plan and can't imagine not receiving this care after any kind of physical trauma!  Cyndee B.

 I had been suffering from chronic pain in my upper back and shoulder every time I sat at my desk for more than an hour. After my first visit with Doctor Edelson, I felt immediate relief, and after just 6 visits, the pain was gone altogether. I also appreciated how Dr Edelson took the time to explain to me what adjustments he was making, and how they affect the alignment of my spine. I would highly recommend Edelson Chiropractic to anyone who suffers from pain.
Marc B

 When I asked Dr. Edelson to help me with my shoulder and neck pain I didn’t know that a chiropractic adjustments would allow me to have a normal life. Since I started the treatment my headaches disappeared, I can get out of bed with no problem. My tennis game has improve by 150%  and I love it!! Thanks for taking care of me. I am truly grateful.         Best,   mc


  I inherited a bad back from both my mom and my dad.  I have been going to Chiropractors most of my life and Dr. Steve is the first one that only adjusted the parts of my body that needed it.  It makes so much sense but I had never thought about it before.  Not only am I pain free after getting the adjustment, I know that I get an education on how my body works and reacts to stay in better health.  He is also adjusting my wrists that were near surgery according to a local surgeon.  I cant say that they are 100% but they are moving and pain free most of the time.  I urge anyone that has lost confidence in Chiropractic because of a prior experience that they try Dr. Steve Edelson for a new and enlightening, educational and stress free experience.                                



 Being age 45 and still playing competitive softball, my hip will slightly pop out of place about every 3 months. With a simple 5-minute visit to Dr. Steve, he simply adjusts my hip back into the proper alignment.  And I'm ready to dive head first into second base for another 3 months.  Thanks Dr. Steve!  You are the best.


 I am a CPA chained to my computer and experience the periodic shoulder and lower back pain that is associated with heavy desk work.  I never thought I needed a chiropractor, but after just one visit with Dr. Steve, I felt better than I have in years.  My aches & pains diminished and I felt energized and invigorated.  I appreciate how thorough and informed Dr. Steve is.  He explains everything he does, the whys and the expected results.  I am thrilled to know him - Thank you Dr. Steve!            Rosella P

 I just want to let you know that Dr. Steve's help has been essential in getting me back in the surf! Following my car accident, I experienced consistent lower back pain that kept me from pursuing my passion; however, after only a few sessions with him, I was able to get back in the water and on the waves. After every visit I felt more rejuvenated and in much less pain. Thank you again for everything you’ve done Doc.                   John B