Chiropractic Tampa

If you live in theTampa /St. Petersburg Florida area and you are looking for a Chiropractor? Look no further. I have two offices. One is located inSouth Tampa , and the other is in Seminole.

So, if you suffer from any kind of joint pain, including jaw pain, neck pain, back pain, or extremity pain, then I can help. Headaches bother you? I can help. Were you in an Automobile Accident? I can help.

I utilize many chiropractic techniques to get you well, including: Diversified, S.O.T., Acivator Methods, Thompson Drop, Cox Flexion Distraction, Gonstead, Palmer, and Brimhall. I use vibratory percussion, cold laser, nutrition, Massage, and several other physio-therapies as well. My staff is friendly and techniques are gentle. Isn't it time to get well?
Give me a call and make an appointment today! Here are my addresses with telephone numbers:

South Tampa -

4250 Bay to Bay Blvd.
Tampa ,FL 33629
(813) 831-8321  office
(813) 495-0526      cell
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Are you planning to become a new patient in our office? If so, then you may want to print out the initial paperwork ahead of time so that you can have it all filled out before you come. That would save you a lot of time. Here is our patient history form: PATIENT HISTORY FORM. If you were involved in an automobile accident, then you will also need this form: MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT FORM



Do you need a Massage?
Call us today for your appointment with our massage therapists.
For more information visit these web sites: BLOG or DR STEVE. You may contact Dr. Edelson at (813)831-8321. See the Press Release. See the Forum Post POST THREAD. For the latest Press release, Click Here. Chiropractor Tampa, Chiropractic Tampa, 33629, Chiropractors Tampa, Edelson Wellness Center

Let us help you to eliminate neck pain. Chiropractic works by correcting the cause of neck pain.

Why does numbness occur? Asking a chiropractor can lead to more than just an answer. It can lead to eliminating numbness and restoring optimal function. Numbness can be caused by irritation to nerves due to a misalignment of a joint.