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Are you ready for Book two? The Stone of Eons has been submitted to the publisher . . . can you feel the excitement? If you want to buy a copy of book #1 before book #2 comes out, go to and get it, read it - soon because book two will be out SOON!


Book one is out: Order Your Copy Now or you can go to and order it.
Adventure Land is the new novel written by Asher Edelson, 12 year old author and son of Dr. Steve Edelson. This is Asher's first novel. Adventure Land was originally a 440 page novel that was broken into two books. The first book will be published sometime in the summer of 2007 and will be available through The book is terrific and is creating excitement. After reading Adventure Land, one has an easy time imagining it as a motion picture and perhaps even in an interactive computer and video game format. Keep you eyes peeled for this one folks!


Adventure Land is the story of the struggle for freedom against a powerful enemy who is determined to enslave the world. It takes place in another planet on a continent called Adventure Land. The Hero is Bear. He is a large grizzly bear who walks and talks like a human. Bear is a wise and talented wizard who has organized a resistance against the common menace to the planet, Lord Lightning. Also known as Gorglin Thild, the tyrant monster is bent on enslaving the good people of the world and forever changing the landscape to fit his cruel taste. Four teenagers from Earth become entangled in this struggle as they let curiosity get the better of them when they step through a portal into Adventure Land. Now trapped on this hostile and sometimes wonderous world, they find hidden strengths, love, friendship,and sorrow when they become part of this epic tale. This story has magic, battles, emotion, humor, dinosaurs, creative characters, and an incredibly rich story line that is sure to become a classic. Adventure Land has blossomed out of the imagination of a new talent in the realm of authors, 12 year old Asher Edelson. Asher is also working on writing an article and a book on Tourette Syndrome. The article has been submitted to Reader's Digest recently. He has tourette's as it is sometime called, and has overcome the worst that this neurological problem has created and wrote this wonderful novel. Asher has tics from tourette's, which are involuntary movements. Some of these tics can even create pain and certainly do make ordinary tasks seem difficult. Asher even has a tic when typing, but despite this has written over 440 pages of Adventure Land.  Quite a task, even for the ordinary 12 year old.
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Adventure Land, The Strike of Lightning: Action Adventure Fantasy Book This exciting new novel is now available on Asher Edelson, the author, worked on this book for two years. He is now thirteen years old. Book two is now being edited and will most likely become available September of 2008. On a distant planet, in another dimension, there is a struggle for freedom against an insane tyrant. Gorglin Thild, also known as Lord Lightning, is taking Adventure Land by force. His powerful magic is turning the land into a hellish nightmare, while huge armies of monsters invade neighboring countries. The only thing standing in his way are the heroes who have come together to fight for the freedom and for the lives of the good people of Adventure Land. Leading them is Bear, a seven-foot-tall talking grizzly bear. This epic tale begins the story of courage, cruelty, love and sacrifice. Swept into the middle of this turmoil are four teenagers from Earth, who step through a mysterious portal, and find themselves trapped in this strange new land. Benny Thompson and his friends find that they have undiscovered strengths and talents as they join in the fight against evil oppression. Adventure Land is an enchanted land that has dinosaurs, magic, sword-fighting, wars, romance and comedy. The intelligence that the characters display make this story both enjoyable and entertaining. Check out Asher's Blog and web site: Asher's Blog and Asher's Website You can see this info posted in Techkat Forums by clicking Forum Post. Also, you may be interested in looking at his recent press release Click Press Release. The RSS Feed is at this Link: Text Link. Action Adventure Books, Adventure Land, Asher Edelson, New Authors, Fantasy Books,, Young Adult Novel. Adventure Land is now available on, and here is a way that you can get great savings on books from, click the banner below:

Check out Asher's TB Two article CLICK ME.Here is a copy of it also:Plant High sophomore with Tourette's will share his books at the Times Festival of ReadingDivya Kumar, King HighAsher Edelson and his Adventureland series.[COLLEEN CAMBIER | Berkeley Prep]Asher Edelson has written two books so far. He also is a high school band percussionist.ADVERTISEMENTAsher Edelson laughs at writer's block. He can; he already is the author of two books."I have a pretty easy time writing," he says.With the same confidence he uses against that common enemy of creativity, the H.B. Plant High sophomore overcomes another challenge: Tourette's syndrome. Sometimes the condition, which is characterized by tics, interferes with his craft, causing him to press the backspace or other keys repeatedly."At times, I would have the perfect words," he says. "It was very frustrating." At one point Edelson resorted to using a voice-recognition typing program.The challenge of Tourette's has not slowed him down. By age 13, Edelson had completed the first book in his planned five-title series. He will have a booth at the St. Petersburg Times Festival of Reading on Saturday featuring Adventureland: The Strike of Lightning as well as the second in the series, Adventureland: The Stone of Eons."It's nice to get my imagination out there in the world," says Edelson. "It's part of who I am."That imagination is responsible for the story of Earthly teenagers who enter the realm of Adventureland, where mythology and magic frame their observations of human virtues and vices. In the next installments of the series, Edelson plans to incorporate more mythology including Norse, East Asian and Hindu cultures and figures from history and religion ranging from Irish and Celtic heroes to Achilles. Future books, Edelson says, could include historical fiction and Jewish history.Edelson balances his writing with the demands of a rigorous high school schedule; he also is a percussionist in the Plant High band and is a member of several school clubs."I write whenever inspiration comes," he says.Adventureland seriesBookSurge PublishingAsher Edelson will have a booth at the Times Festival of Reading at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg on Saturday.